v1 Automatic Trading Bot Script

  • Created: 8 April, 2021
  • Update: 22 Jan, 2022

If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, Please feel free to email via Support Page.


Let's open the Chart page in Tradingview.

Click on the indicators, metrics and strategies Tab.

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Click on the access by invitation only tab at the bottom of the pop-up window.

and activate the software you have purchased by clicking on it.

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There are 2 different software available.

We first determine all our strategy and settings in the backtest software. enter the settings of the backtest software as shown in the picture.

We need to change the settings according to the table and time zone. Example: For BTCUSDT, these settings have achieved a success of around 90%. But there is no guarantee that the same values ​​will provide the same success for ETHUSDT. Don't Forget To Pay Attention To This.

You can see that the success rate changes by changing the values ​​with formul "A" and "B". Make the necessary adjustments by paying attention to the success rate and the number of transactions in the backtest graph.

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These are the most appropriate values in the "Long" and "Short" settings.

You can still make your own adjustments. But we do not recommend it. We recommend that you only change your "Stoploss" and take "Take Profit". Seek to make small but steady gains without being greedy.

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Monitor the performance of the values ​​you entered in the backtest software on the historical graph.

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If you approve the settings and strategy, pass all the values ​​you entered in the backtest software to the v1 automated trade software as the same.

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ALARM Structure

The software has 6 different alarm features.

  • Long Alert
  • Long Take Profit Alert
  • Long Stop Loss Alert
  • Short Alert
  • Short Take Profit Alert
  • Short Stop Loss Alert
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    You can watch detailed videos on youtube to connect to your stock market via api.

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